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Software Quality Assurance Testing

At Cloud Custom Solutions (CCS) we have expertise across all the major testing areas - from Functional and Automation testing to Performance and Security testing.
As new technologies emerge, CCS continually evaluates the latest development trends, striving to provide our clients with the best possible quality assurance and testing methods possible.

Testing Services
  • Enterprise level Functional, Automation, Cloud & Performance testing
  • Usability, Accessibility, Security and User Acceptance testing
  • Mobile App UI/UX, cross-platform and device responsiveness testing
Types of Applications
  • Web applications including Enterprise Web
  • Desktop applications
  • Integrated systems and applications
  • Mobile applications

Our Process

1. Create QA Test Plan

2. Write and Execute Test Cases and Scripts

3. Document Bugs in the System

4. Generate Test Report for Bug Fixing

Our Methodology

Programming Guidelines
  • Program clean and easily maintainable code
  • Facilitate an optimal environment for multiple programmers to work on the same project
  • Ensure that other developers can understand and become familiar with the code in a short time frame
  • Usability is essential to the success of a web application
  • At CCS we support all our web applications with integrated user-friendly design.
  • Our experienced in-house designers are able to display complex tasks in a simple, user-friendly manner
  • The result is better brand identity and the difference between a web application that is constantly used and one that is not due to poor design
Quality Assurance Testing
  • Software quality assurance testing is imperative to make sure your application is running smoothly and bug free
  • At CCS our QA team tests every possible interaction with the application pre-release
  • Manual and Automation QA testing is implemented based on client requirements.
  • We're not satisfied until the highest level of quality is attained
  • CCS can integrate both standard and high-levels of security based on user requirements
  • Based on your application needs we can implement security measures such as PCI compliance, SSL etc.
  • Our server admins ensure all applications are protected from any malware and unforeseen threats
Web Application Management
  • At CCS we design web applications with a complete admin panel so making administrative level changes are easy.
  • Depending on the pre-set modules you choose the custom built admin console will allow you to edit content, monitor analytics and reporting data and give you the tools you need to stay in control of your web application.
  • CCS also provides software updates, training, support and hand-holding to ensure you get the most out of your application

The CCS Advantage

  • Strong, talented in-house team
  • 10+ years experience
  • Structured Framework and Architectural Plan Development
  • Adherence to Coding Guidelines and Standards
  • Clean and highly maintainable code
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Attention to UI UX and User friendly Design
  • Performance and Load Testing and end to end Quality Assurance
  • Implementing the latest technology

Programming Languages

Python Django AngularJS PHP JavaScript
JQuery Bootstrap HTML 5 CSS 3

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