Infographic: 8 Top Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

What is multi-channel marketing? To put it simply if you are a business owner and don’t know what it is – you are missing out!

Using just one channel to connect with clients is no longer enough.  To get your branding and message across to your target audience you need a muti-pronged approach. You simply cannot afford to ignore this marketing strategy.

Here are some facts: According to Experian Marketing Services, more than 80% of marketers are using a multi-channel campaign of three or more digital channels.

This is confirmed in part by a recent report from Digital Doughnut, in partnership with Episerver, highlighting that as much as 95% of marketers admit that running a multi-channel digital marketing campaign is important for their businesses. And yet only 73% of business already have a working strategy in place, with a mere 30% saying they are confident that their strategies will work.

This is an indication that many business owners are still apprehensive of running their own multi-channel strategies for whatever reasons they assumed there must be. To help dispel the doubts and convince business owners to start planning and running their own multi-channel campaigns, CJG Digital Marketing shares the following benefits that will surely move all these laggers into action – now!


Cloud Custom Connections accelerates the power of multi-channel marketing by allowing users to connect with their audience via email, SMS, voice and interactive surveys, increasing engagement and impacting your bottom line!

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.

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