Agile: Project Management or Product Development Methodology?

There is some confusion about whether Agile is a project management methodology. It is not. Agile is a product development methodology. If you don’t believe me, read the agile manifesto upon which the methodology is based.

True, Agile has evolved in broader directions, but Agile still does not bring the necessary structure and planning to a project that has multiple products or outcomes, and thus by necessity needs more rigour to manage all the moving parts. Think of all the meaty things that happen outside those happy and contained orange circles.

The blue areas contain procurement, planning, team management, coordination, organizational change management, organizational structure changes, and many other things that are not defined products. Sure you can say that org structure could be tackled as a product, but can it really? Can you toss all of these blue activities into a backlog and tackle them in sprints? If you’re a veteran of projects, I think I know your answer.

Agile clearly does have its place within a project, and it can be effective at developing products. But it’s best not to overextend its usefulness as that may lead to project failures and the jettison of a perfectly good approach for products.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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